Sad news from Affinity

It is with a heavy heart and much disappointment that I have been asked to pass along this message from the owner of The Affinity Guesthouse, Tanner Elton. “As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and its current and projected impact on Canada’s economy the sensible course of action at this time is to shut down the Events Centre for the 2020 Season and to stop marketing and planning for the 2021 Season. This is the reality that we are facing along with virtually all of the businesses and services in the hospitality sector in British Columbia. “ “… we need to notify all those who have currently booked the venue that in the interest of public safety we are canceling all events currently booked for the 2020 Season and we will not be booking for the 2021 Season. This will result in the repayment of the full deposit rather than the 90% stipulated in the contract. We will do our best to refund the deposits in a timely way and expect to have this fully dealt with no later than the end of May. 2020.” Any questions directly related to deposit refunds should be directed to Tanner Elton at We wish to offer you our deepest apologies. This was a very difficult decision to make and one which was not taken lightly.

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