Weddings are NOT spontaneous events!

Weddings are very rarely spontaneous events. Months and sometimes even years go into planning that one glorious day of your dreams. Whether you are solo planning or have enlisted the help of a professional there are endless details to be considered. For most couples, sourcing the perfect venue is on top of the TO DO list. Choosing the “right” venue will undoubtedly be the biggest decision for most engaged couples. It is not uncommon for couples to begin the search for their ideal venue 12-18 months before their wedding.
Indoor, outdoor, rustic, country garden, church, capacity, decor, rates, availability, restrictions and location all suddenly become serious points to consider. For even the most organized of brides, considering some if not all, of the above options can cause some serious head spinning and stress. RELAX! It is not meant to be this hard! Close your eyes, imagine your day, and work from there. Alternatively, visiting numerous types of venues and exploring options you may not have previously considered is an excellent starting point as well.
At Affinity we have a little of something for everyone. Luxurious residences for your pre and post wedding events, stunning manicured grounds and an idyllic riverside location all at an excellent price point. If you can imagine it, you can create it at Affinity.

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